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Dispute Resolution: The Why, The What, The How

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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Presented by:
Richard Etkin
Executive V.P. of Trading
Mercon Coffee Group

Moderated by:
Brian Loughman
Vice President
Atlantic (USA), Inc.

The Green Coffee Association's core strength lies in the system of Contracts it maintains for the commercial trade of Green Coffee in North America. One of the pillars of the contract is the ability of all who use it to resolve disputes between buyers and sellers through the offices of the GCA. Our system of arbitrations relies on the expertise of our membership and their willingness to serve as impartial arbitrators, and we take pride in the fact that not once in our history of over 90 years has a judicial court reversed one of our decisions.

Recognizing that dispute resolution is crucial to the continued viability of the contract and therefore also of the Association, the GCA is happy to offer a webinar detailing the GCA's methods of resolving disputes. This is open to members and non-members alike and is meant to educate the membership in this important part of our commercial trade.

For additional information or questions please contact the Green Coffee Association at 212-766-5854 or at

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